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Enjoy browsing through rare views of Trimper's Haunted House that are impossible to see while riding the attraction. These photos truly make you appreciate the complexities of the ride, and offer insight into how the ride was constructed.


A rare view of the back of the two-dimensional plywood cutouts that make up the Crooked Corridor in the second room of the ride.

A rare view of the top of the Revolving Barrel in the third room of the ride. It is important to note that this portion of the building is part of the original structure and dates back to when the facility was used as a movie theater and a skating rink.

Another view of the top of the Revolving Barrel.

Another view of beneath the Revolving Barrel. Notice that vintage floor that appears to have been previously painted light blue, perhaps when the Windsor Theater was in place.

A view of under the elevated platforms near the Revolving Barrel and Upside-Down Room. Straight ahead is actually the wall to the main shop. This view also shows beneath the second Attic Rat near the ride’s ending.

Another view of under the Revolving Barrel platforms.

The trap door in the floor near the entrance to the Upside-Down Room. Prior to the ride’s expansion in 1988, the air compressor was kept down under the floor buried in the sand near the pilings that hold up the building. Today, the air compressors are located near the Graveyard of the ride. Today, there is not much down there of any interest, other than some spooky real spider webs!

A view under the building.

A view under the building.

The backside of the Upside-Down Room shows a rare piece of old fence from the lobby.

A view looking down the wall behind the Upside-Down Room.

A view above the underside of the bed bolted to the ceiling in the
Upside-Down Room.

A rare view of beneath the Upside-Down Room.

A rare view of beneath the Upside-Down Room.

The floor and access to beneath the Revolving Barrel near the Knit Wit and Witch Hazel area.

A view of beneath the Crooked Mine Shaft/Falling Beam hill. It is currently used for storage and can be accessed from the compressor room.

A rare view of the top of the Train Tunnel. You’ll notice the new 1988 structure, built with concrete.

A view of beneath the ride’s final decline behind the Alien Bust at the ride’s ending.

A view of the storage area located behind the Head Banger
near the ride’s ending.

A view above the Wine Cellar diorama.

A rare view showing the back access of the original Body in the Cellar diorama, replaced with a Corpse in a Coffin in the late 90s.

In the access to Body in the Cellar, an actual baby pool was used back in the day to hold the water used in the stunt, and a pump would circulate it back up into the diorama.

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