The Hanging Skeleton stunt from Phantasmagoria, being eight feet tall and about six feet wide, was undoubtedly one of the harder pieces to place, but we found the ideal location. The second story seemed to be the most logical as the Hanging Skeleton would carry the theme of the Torture Chamber to the other side of the corridor. A black light was placed in the bottom of the cabinet shining upward, and a double fixture was mounted above a newly-installed set of bang doors just after the Torture Chamber. The Trimper family spent countless hours repainting Tracy's original gags from Phantasmagoria bringing them back to life and preparing them to scare a new generation of riders.
The counter from the Mad Scientist did not go to waste. It had a very spooky, vintage look to it, so we decided to incorporate it in to the Birthday Party stunt. Due to the fact that the Birthday Party only has two characters now, the table that was part of the stunt was not only too big, but it was very low to the ground making it hard for riders to see the props, and it was blocking some of the walking space next to the track. So, we opted to put the original Birthday Party table into storage and use Tracy’s Mad Scientist counter to elevate the display higher.
The old chains from Ghost Ship and barrel props from Phantasmagoria were also added to the Birthday Party to bring the stunt back to life. It was a win-win situation as we were able to keep Tracy’s Mad Scientist stunt alive and also add some more original styling and color to one of Tracy’s most memorable and freakishly grotesque stunts. Based on feedback, the Birthday Party scene is one of the most talked about and favorited among fans.
Tracy’s Buzzard stunt from Phantasmagoria was lifted to the balcony and placed in the balcony exiting room directly across from the former Mermaid location. The size of the cabinet for the Buzzard was enormous and we wanted to be sure it was in a location where the speed of the car was not too fast so the detail could be enjoyed by riders. This location seemed to make sense, but we needed to find a way to relocate the Reacher Bale Character stunt from Scare Parts which was installed in 2006 and took the place of the former Frankenstein stunt from Messmore Damon. After pondering different locations, we decided it should be moved to the first level as the majority of the truly frightening effects were all upstairs.
The most sensible location for the Reacher was the corner across from the Knit Wit, occupied by the Witch, an original Funni-Frite stunt installed in 1968. The Witch had seen better days and was barely recognizable, so the management disassembled the Witch, removed the mechanism, and installed the Reacher in this location. The decorative drapes and curtains that accompanied the Reacher, formerly Frankenstein, were removed from the room and put in to storage.

Black cloth was used to cover areas around the platform and the access panel to the Revolving Barrel to keep it out of sight from riders.
The back of the cabinets for the Skeleton and Buzzard contain artifacts from Tracy’s past. The original labels for the effects could be seen as well as some mathematics and diagrams for what appears to be a rock tunnel.
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