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This is your time to shine, folks! Below, view outstanding Fan Art from dedicated enthusiasts. Projects such as drawings, crafts and models are all legitimate works of Fan Art, and are all welcome. If you have a piece of art that is Haunted House-related that you want to share with the world, be sure to e-mail it to me along with a brief description. We want to see your creations!

Haunted House Collage - Stephanie, a talented and hard-working teacher from Annapolis, MD, tackled an intense craft project where she used a shadow box, balsa wood, and her unbelievable skills to make a collage of memories from her most recent trip to the beach and to the Haunted House. Her use of fluorescent paint and spooky styling really make this an incredible piece and her precision when cutting out the name of the attraction really shows. Outstanding work, Stephanie! Submitted June 2008

Gloomy Day - When the old HH is shut down, it sort of makes me want to just shut down. (By Brandon S.)

All Tied Up - I didn't think our relationship was REALLY torture! (By Brandon S.)

Haunted House Christmas Decorations 2007 - The ghastly inhabitants of the Haunted House went all out this year with the decorations. A member of the Birthday Party can be seen standing in front of the attraction in a Santa costume. (By Brandon S.)

Christmas Party 2007 - What a wild and crazy night with the Haunted House's greatest ghouls. (By Brandon S.)

Laugh it off - My mummy told me to never get "wrapped up" in a scary relationship! (By Brandon S.)

Steph & the Old Mill - She never saw it coming. (By Brandon S.)

Trading Spaces - I was standing in front of the Haunted House and happened to start a conversation with the headless Count. I asked him “Don’t you get tired of people watching you all the time?” He replied “Well, it gets a little cumbersome, but why don’t you give it a try to see how it feels?” (By Brandon S.)

Hurricane - We can only hope that we never see Trimper's Haunted House in this particular state. (By Brandon S.)

Taking a Break - Our Haunted House friends need time to relax, too. (By Brandon S.)

A Quick Game - Our Before venturing to Vegas for a business trip in July 2008, I tried my luck with Tracy's Bartender. (By Brandon S.)

Bill Tracy... Bill - I never thought I would see the day come when Bill Tracy's profile appeared on the $1 bill! (By Brandon S.)

Fireworks! - I never knew the Haunted House could look so spectacular on the Fourth of July! (By Brandon S.)

1964 Facade Drawing - An incredible drawing produced by forum member spookyrider of the Haunted House facade in 1964. Great work!

Phantasmagoria Facade - Forum member Spookyrider drew this great picture of the facade of Phantasmagoria, which was originally located in Bell's Amusement Park.

Haunted House Bat - Forum member mttb got creative and made this cutout replica of the facade bat. Nice work!

Joyland Whacky Shack Facade - Spookyrider is at it again with a drawing of Joyland Amusement Park's Whacky Shack, built by the late Bill Tracy.

Torture Chamber - A drawing of The HH's famous Tracy Torture Chamber scene by HH forum member mttb.

Facade Bat - An ink-print made with a hand-carved, double-sided stamp by HH forum member mttb.

Facade Drawing - Since the moment he saw The HH, forum member mttb has been drawing the famous facade of OC's classic darkride.

Detailed Facade Drawing - A detailed drawing of The HH's Facade by HH forum member mttb.

Upside-down Room - A detailed drawing of this classic Tracy stunt by HH forum member mttb.

Knit Wit - A great version of the creepy old lady the turns in her chair that we all remember so well by HH forum member mttb.

Lobby & Car Queue - The attention to detail is amazing in this lobby drawing by HH forum member mttb.

The Old Mill - A great colored drawing by HH forum member mttb that shows the damsel in distress being cut in half! AHHHHHH!

Facade Bat - A great colored drawing by HH forum member mttb of the facade bat in the star.

Facade -HH forum member allstar really showed us what he was made of with this detailed drawing of the front of the Haunted House. Nice job!

Whacky Shack Concept - by Mike Brilhart, a pretty cool design!

Attic Stairs/Headslinger - a great version of Trimper's Headslinger that was removed in the early 2000's and originally came from Ghost Ship.

Birthday Party - A great version of Tracy's demented Birthday Party.

Old Mill/Knit Witt Hill - A cool drawing showing five stunts around the bend.

Waldameer's Whacky Shack - Great drawing by forum member Spookyrider of a Tracy classic.

Davey Jones Locker at Westview Park - Great drawing by forum member Spookyrider of a Tracy classic.

Pirate's Cove at Waldameer Park - Great drawing by forum member Spookyrider of a Tracy classic.

Hour 13 at Miracle Strip Amusement Park - Great drawing by forum member Spookyrider of a Tracy classic.

Witch from Tracy's 1968 brochure - Sppokyrider actually managed to recreate the witch in Tracy's 1968 promotional brochure. So detailed! Awesome!

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