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Official Videos

(by Notlmpresed) - Behind-the-Scenes Walk Through - A video shot in 2010 taking you behind-the-scenes.

(by Notlmpresed) - Installing the Waterfall - Installing a brand new waterfall during the 4th of July weekend, 2010

(by Notlmpresed) - Welding a Hush-Puppy car - Workers stayed late this night to fix a broken car after the ride had closed.

(by Notlmpresed) - Hush-Puppy Car Frame (Behind-the-Scenes) - A video shot in 2010 showing a car frame without the body.

(by Notlmpresed) - Haunted House Interior - A video shot in 1996 which shows many stunts that are no longer inside the attraction.

(by Notlmpresed) - Haunted House Exterior - A video shot in 1996 which shows the facade and lobby of the Haunted House.

(by MBrilhart) - Lobby Organ Loop - A cool remastering of the lobby music.

(by MBrilhart) - Audio Ride-Through Experience - Take a ride through Trimper's Haunted House with your eyes closed while listening to this audio track. You won't be able to tell the difference!

(by MBrilhart) - 2009 Ride POV - Great POV video of the ride.

(by MBrilhart) - Haunted House Theme Remix - A great project!

(by MBrilhart) - A Busy Summer Night - Experience the ride at night... the best time to ride!

(by MBrilhart) - Rewind POV Experience - If you were to ride the ride backwards, this is what it would feel like!

(by MBrilhart) - POV in High Definition - Crystal clear!.

(by MBrilhart) - Water Curtain Malfunction - A rare malfunction caught on tape.

(by MBrilhart) - Lobby as seen from the cars - Need I say more?

Fan Videos

(by jonbrak) - Ocean City's Haunted House Ride - A lot of talking, but still a good video of the inside of the ride. OH GOD! OH GOD!

(by MCaperoon) - Haunted House at Ocean City - A great interior movie of the Haunted House, shot in summer 2008.

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