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Primarily, blacklights are used to light the effects inside the ride. These lights interact with the fluorescent-painted stunts and make them pop. Last counted in 2010, there are 38 blacklights inside the ride to make Tracy’s stunts glow and although they are somewhat “a thing of the past,” they continue to be crucial in carrying out different effects within the ride.

Several stunts, however, do use other lighting methods besides the blacklight. In most cases, stunts will be illuminated by flood lights or “prop” lights. As an example, the upside-down room uses an actual lamp to cast light, which is also crucial in the room design. On the flip side, the Sawmill uses a flood light for illumination, which is mounted on the opposite wall.

The stunts inside the ride that use alternate lighting methods are:

• Upside-down room
• Sawmill
• RIP Grave
• Corpse
• Falling Barrels
• Reaching Zombie
• Moving Coffin
• Torture Chamber
• Electric Chair
• Train Tunnel
• Bathroom
• Vampire (behind descending banister)

Above: a red flood light casts a faint haze onto the RIP Grave

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