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For the last decade, the management of Trimper's Haunted House has slowly been eliminating original Bill Tracy stunts and replacing them with modern effects in an effort to keep the ride fresh. Although Tracy's papier-mâché gags are often favorited by enthusiasts, business comes first with a ride such as the Haunted House and the current generation of ride-goers is simply bored by the day-glow stunts of yesteryear. Hence, modern day stunt manufactures come into play. Enjoy browsing through original catalog photos and ads for the newer stunts, along with price tags and the companies from which they were purchased.


Company: Morris Costumes
Installed: 2001
Original Cost: $330 per set

Upon exiting the Upside-Down Room and making a quick right past the Birthday Party, riders get a hurried glimpse of two Trolls which were installed around 2001. The two creatures are nothing more than masks and “monster hands” supported by a wooden frame. In the catalog, it is formally listed as “Borecon Troll” with a price tag of $330 per set. Although hard to find almost a decade later, some websites still offer the mask for sale at a reduced price like halloweenmasks.com. Unfortunately, the rubber has dry rotted over the years and the Borecon Trolls now look exhausted.


Company: Distortions Unlimited
Installed: 2001
Original Cost: $2294.25

Thought of by some as being a bit risky, the Gallows Kicking Body was installed in 2001 in the place of the former Birthday Party. The stunt operates with air, and has an on-site five-second sound repeater.


Company: Morris Costumes
Installed: 2006
Original Cost: $295

A modest stunt, this guy is all wrapped and up, and has the shivers! He replaced the Crab in 2006 and has been greeting riders at the re-entry from the balcony ever since.


Company: Scare Factory
Installed: 2003
Original Cost: $3904.25

Ready for the unexpected? This skeleton jumps out at you as your car passes by. It occupies the corner of the former Head Slinger, removed around 2003. This unit operates with air, and has an on-site sound repeater.


Company: Morris Costumes
Installed: 2000
Original Cost: $416.80

Out with the old, in with the new. When the Mermaid was removed from its original diorama, this foam-filled stunt was purchased to hang in its place. A fan was placed underneath the figure’s robe to make it seem as if it is flying. A piezo buzzer and black light are also used to enhance the stunt’s presence.


Company: Distortions Unlimited
Installed: 1995
Original Cost: $7953

The Electric Chair was Trimper’s first attempt to break into an era of modernization in hopes of attracting a younger and hipper generation of customers. The Electric Chair from Distortions Unlimited was the perfect transition. Before the Chair was installed, Tracy’s Birthday Party sat in its place. During the same time as the Electric Chair install, the Birthday Party was moved to the opposite side of the wall displaying proudly as folks trek down the final descent. When the stunt was first installed, it included a smoke machine that would fill their air with a spooky mist as a helpless man was getting fried. This unit operates on electric and has an on-site sound repeater. A replacement body costs approximately $800.


Company: Morris Costumes
Installed: 2001
Original Cost: $210

Sitting quietly in the corner at the decent, the eyes of this figure light up and it offers a sinister feel near the ride’s ending. This effect is not animated.


Company: Morris Costumes
Installed: 1998
Original Cost: $154.40

A giant latex spider web replaced the Wine Cellar stunt in the late 90s. Today, it is barely noticeable as it has deteriorated.


Company: Scare Parts
Installed: 2006
Original Cost: $2098.50

When the attraction’s manager went to the IAAPA convention during the winter of 2005, this unique stunt reached out and grabbed him, making him jump! That was all it took. Character lunges forward with open gaping mouth an raised arms. This stunt occupies the corner of the former Frankenstein stunt. It operates on electric and air and has an on-site sound repeater.


Company: Morris Costumes
Installed: 2006
Original Cost: $239.99

Three severed heads adorn the walls in stone structures as you pass by the Knit Wit and Witch. A flicker bulb and small fan imitate fire and offer a faint glow onto these features. Original product description reads "You've never seen one like this large hard foam stone-look structure holding a head over a burning flame. When plugged into a wall socket, head shakes and lower jaw opens and closes to the shaking action. It looks as though the head is alive and reacting to the burning flame below. Prop measures 26 inches high, 16 inches wide and 12 inches deep."


Company: Morris Costumes
Installed: 1996
Original Cost: $78.40

Around 1996, management installed a cauldron with moving hand to accompany the Witch. Although only made of plastic, it has proven to be quite durable over the years.


Company: Morris Costumes
Installed: 1996
Original Cost: $104

A creepy rubber skeleton hand reaches out from under this tombstone as it leans backward thanks to a gear motor. The tombstone is made of styrofoam while the base is made of hard plastic.


Company: Morris Costumes
Installed: 1999
Original Cost: $440 per unit

After Bill Tracy’s "Body in the Cellar" was removed in 1998, management purchased this impressive realistic coffin and corpse to fill the void. Although it often ends up as the spot for riders’ empty soda bottles and other debris, it is one of most realistic stunts in the attraction. A red light helps show this stunt off.


Company: Scare Factory
Installed: 2006
Original Cost: Casket, $1029.25 | Rig, $569.25

The air-operated Dancing Coffin replaced the Seasick Pirate in 2006. It consists of two components; a steel casket, and pneumatic rig to make it move.


Company: Morris Costumes
Installed: 2009
Original Cost: $36 each

As you pass by, they change right before your eyes! Portrait shown below is entitled Dr. Satorus.


Company: ?
Installed: 2006
Original Cost: $133.50

This giant Skull replaced Tracy’s Mad Scientist stunt upstairs in 2006. It is made of foam and latex. A faint red light helps to enhance this otherwise mundane stunt.


Company: Morris Costumes
Installed: 2004
Original Cost: $712.80

These creepy portraits of demons and tortured souls are scattered throughout the ride and the lobby. They add a nice touch to the interior design of the mansion and interact well with the ride’s lighting. Nine paintings were included in the set.


Company: Distortions
Installed: 2010
Original Cost: $2327.00

Frankenstein Monster character on a slanted metal table. Thrashes wildly as he gets electrocuted.


Company: Distortions
Installed: 2010
Original Cost: $1895.00

Character is heard mumbling behind a metal barred window saying, "Come closer." As you get to the window, he screams and flips out with a loud bang!

GraveCrawler with Lantern Articulating Zombiette

Company: Scare Factory
Installed: 2012
Original Cost: $1368.00

Installed in the Graveyard.

Angel of Death Zombiette

Company: Scare Factory
Installed: 2012
Original Cost: $2743.00

Installed after the Upsidedown Room and immediately before the Old Mill stunt.


Company: Pale Night Productions
Installed: 2013
Original Cost: $4950.00

Installed in the lobby area.

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