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(ampledestrution) - Ghost Hole (Geister Hohle) at Trimper's in 1996 - Rare footage of the facade of Ghost Hole at Trimper's.

(genevabum) - The Fright Zone at Erieview Park - This ride's stunts and track system were previously at Westview park.

(runingscizers94) - Whacky Shack at Waldameer Park - This attraction sits beside Trimper's Haunted House as one of the best remaining Bill Tracy attractions left in this country!

(8270laneman) - Haunted House, Davey Jones Locker, Boot Hill at Westview Park! - A blast from the past: three of Tracy's greatest rides gone forever.

(funchase) - Jungle Land at Hunt's Pier - What an adventure! A Tracy classic!

(patman846) - Whacky Shack, Pirate Ship Skua at Hunt's Pier - Hunt's Whacky Shack included many stunts similar to Trimpers, and Pirate Ship somewhat resembled the same styling as Ghost Ship at the defunct Ocean Playland Amusement Park.

(patman846) - Golden Nugget at Hunt's Pier - Now scheduled to be razed, this video gets more valuable every second. RIP Golden Nugget.

(vertigomindwarp) - Le Cachot at Kennywood Park - One of Tracy's more bizarre attractions with a pleasant mixture of interesting stunts.

(goaliefight - Whacky Shack at Joyland Amusement Park - Another Tracy attraction that is now lost in history.

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