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After Granville Trimperís visit to the IAAPA convention during the winter of 1964, he became very interested in the work of Bill Tracy, who was offering a complete dark ride package during this time. It was only six weeks later that Tracy sent Granville the first of many proposals for the Haunted House.

It is important to note that Bill Tracy submitted several proposals to Granville before he decided on a one-story dark ride package. Initially, Tracy attempted to convince Granville Trimper to build a two-story dark ride, hence, he sent a two-story proposal during late February of 1964. Granville was not keen on the two-story ride concept, and outside forces would have prevented the two-story ride from being completed by the start of the season. As a result, Tracy sent a revised proposal outlining a one-story attraction two weeks later, which inevitably was built during the spring of 1964.

Both proposals outline the ride in full detail, including dimensions, stunts, corridors, and approximate pricing. Please note that all pricing in these proposals was approximate and not actual. Granville Trimper ordered several stunts and made other modifications to the rideís layout that were not included in the initial proposal for the attraction, and as a result, the pricing undoubtedly fluctuated.

During the time that Granville Trimper commissioned Tracy to build The Haunted House, his mother, Pearl Trimper, was his office secretary and handled a lot of paperwork and correspondence for him while he was out building up the park. As a result, the proposals are addressed to a Mrs. Pearl Trimper of Trimperís Toyland, Inc.

All proposals were written and signed in original ink by Bill Tracy, President of Outdoor Dimentional Display Co., Inc.

Two-Story Packaged Dark Ride

"The Haunted House"

Ocean City, Maryland

Created February 26, 1964

One-Story Packaged Dark Ride

"The Haunted House

Ocean City, Maryland

Created March 10, 1964

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