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When the Haunted House management decided to convert Bill Tracy’s sound effects from tape to digital, several Mackenzie DigiMac Digital Message Repeaters were purchased. The individual sound effects for stunts like the Falling Beam, Train, and Torture Chamber were recorded onto digital sound chips in these units, and played back at each location using a relay. The house sound, lobby sound, and many of Tracy's originals are stored on digital cartridges on a Mackenzie High Fidelity Digital Message Repeater bank. This monster of a unit can actually hold several cartridges, each having its own output to different locations throughout the ride. For effects that don't use digital sounds, klaxton horns and "razzberry" sound effects are used to scare riders.

Mackenzie DigiMac Digital Message Repeaters

High Fidelity Digital Message Repeater

One of many amps to power the sounds

Sound wiring harness

Master switch for house and lobby sounds

Unfortunately, during a fierce lightning storm several years back, the majority of the digital sound repeaters were fried, leaving most sound effects non-existent. Today, the only sound effects you will find are for stunts Knit Wit, Last Drop, and those that coincide with the newer stunts, and that live at each individual location in the ride.

The following are actual sounds recorded from Trimper's Haunted House. If you have a digital sound byte and would like to contribute, or would like to report a problem, please E-MAIL US.

To listen, click the play button and the sound element will expand. Enjoy!

Lobby Sound
A conglomeration of organ music and mixed Vincent Price narration from Michael Jackson’s Thriller. This byte loops in the lobby and adds a foreboding atmosphere as patrons stand along the fence waiting in line for their turn to ride.
Lobby sound music sheet music: Contributed by forum member mttb.
Count Wolf-Von-Vinderstien
This effect, added in the mid-90s, entertains passers-by as he informs them of what to expect on their visit.
House Sound
A constant and uniform mixture of falling barrels, creaking timbers, howling wind, and morbid moans. This sound byte loops constantly and adds a perfect sense of distant sound effects to this classic dark ride.
2010 Re-mastered Version

Last Drop
As your car passes by the bathroom, a byte of mixed bubbles and low-key screams for help will get your attention.

Remastered Version from 1986
Lady in the Cellar
This byte was only in place for a few years, but as your car made a left from Bat Hill up the Crooked Mine Shaft, a large SCREAM would make your hair stand on-end.
Cuckoo Clock
Your car rapidly descends to the first floor as a whistle contraption sounds and a bird pops out of the Cuckoo Clock!

Cuckoo Clock 2008 - Present
A new buzzer sound effect added to the Clock a few years back. (contributed by Mike Brilhart)
Grave Yard
A piezo buzzer sounds as a corpse in a Jason hockey mask pops his head up from behind an famous Tracy gravestone.
Knit Wit
A creaking, screeching sound plays as the Knit Wit turns on her pedestal followed by a loud Scream when the patron finally is able to see that this gentle grandmother is actually a corpse knitting a spider web! (contributed by Mike Brilhart)
As one of the newest stunts in the Haunted House, a loud voice screams as a Goul leaps to your car on a pneumatic-powered device.
The Gallows
A 10-second byte loops as this poor gentleman is hanging from the ceiling. This sound effect is actually the voice of Chris Trimper, Granville’s grandson.
Your car quickly rolls onto the train tracks as a loud train whistle and horn sound. The bright light of the locomotive shines in your face and practically blinds you as your car struggles to make it off the tracks.
Remastered Version from 1991
Electric Chair
TORTURE! A deep manly voice screams in terror and pain as he gets the chair.
Rat #1 (First Room)
A transistorized siren sounds as your car passes by this stunt. (First Room)
Rat #2 (Downhill)
A transistorized siren sounds as your car passes by this stunt. (Downhill)
Torture Chamber
Heavy breathing, some chains, and a loud scream will get your attention as you pass by one of the Haunted House's most popular stunts! (contributed by Mike Brilhart)
Dancing Coffin Rig
Bash! This full-size coffin will rock from one side to the other right in front of your eyes! (contributed by Mike Brilhart)
Falling Beam
A sound of creaks will frighten you as you trek up the steep Crooked Mine Shaft toward the Falling Beam! (contributed by Mike Brilhart)
Reaching Bale Character
A loud scream and sinister laughing sound as this character reaches for you!(contributed by Mike Brilhart)
A pizzo buzzer sounds as your car passes by this stunt. (contributed by Mike Brilhart)
A totally twisted track of a man getting electrocuted!
Old Mill
Tracy's most famous lady being cut in half!
Head Banger
A new stunt that was installed in the summer of 2010! (contributed by Mike Brilhart)

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