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Ringling Bros.

Bill Tracy started his professional career in 1952 when he began to serve the outdoor amusement industry as designer and builder of amusement displays. While serving as Art Director for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus in Sarasota, Florida between 1952 and 1954, Bill created spectacular floats, props, and costumes and became nationally known for his creative efforts after once again being featured in the July 1952 issue of Display World magazine where he described how he used newly-discovered Celastic, a lightweight, unbreakable, weatherproof, and inexpensive colloid treated fabric, to build circus props. Bill was so successful and well known for his use of Celastic that Ben Walters, Inc., a national distributor of the product, used his name in its ads in an effort to gain credibility. Being that Bill Tracy was a successful and nationally known figure in the industry during this time, he attended many social events celebrating his and otherís work such as the Art Association Holiday Party in Sarasota in 1953.

Ben Walters, Inc. ad for Celastic, with William Tracy mentioned, as published in the July 1952 issue of Display World.

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