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From an industrial standpoint, Tracy’s advertisements proved to be crucial in selling his products. With the use of his creative, clever and very imaginative ads, he was able to get the word out in order to hook potential customers and convince them to start asking questions.

Unlike many other unembellished advertisements of the era, Tracy made a point to stand out by often posing as a character within the featured stunt. Whether he was dressed up like a drunken bar hopper or a tasteless beach-goer, Tracy added a unique flavor to his eye-catching commercial leaflets. Advertisements that did not include Tracy as a focal point often included images of his titanic attraction facades which gave the potential customer a glimpse of what he and his company were capable of producing.

Regardless of Tracy’s tactic or strategy in his advertisements, he proved to uphold his legacy as an imaginative and talented artist with a never-ending line of fresh ideas.

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