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"Tracy was a man who showed the world a whole new side of creativity with his mind-blowing facades and intriguing stunts. A man who made a ride scarey but also used illusions to make you feel as you're falling over or getting smaller. No ride today besides the ones he has created will do this to you. He's more than one of a kind." - Wildfish72

"Tracy was a A Dark ride pioneer in every sense of the word. What other amusement ride builders (past OR present) had a style that even came close to matching his distinct and innovative work? Truly a master of the trade and definitely one of a kind. I highly doubt the world will ever meet another Bill Tracy, and that's the way it should probably be..." - Mike Biggs

"Bill Tracy: It's not just a name, it's a way of life!" - Brandon Seidl

"Tracy...you either get it or you don't." - Wayne Bahur

"Bill Tracy was an outstanding designer and had an unbelieveable imagination." - Spookyrider

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