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Granville C. Trimper's Passing - This article came from the January 2, 1953 issue of The Billboard and breaks the news of Granville's passing at the age of 59. Granville C. Trimper was the father of Granville Daniel Trimper, Jr., who built the park from the small operation to what it is today.

Windsor Resort: A Local Attraction For 79 Years - This article came from the July 2, 1971 issue of the Beachcomber and gives a brief history of the park and how it changed its identity from Windsor Resort to Trimper's Rides.

Commercialism - a letter to the editor that I wrote in the summer of 2007 regarding the commercialism taking over Ocean City and the possible closing of Trimper's. View a .txt version HERE
Buckaroo Park 1 | 2 | 3 - In 2006, Doug Trimper attempted to open a mini amusement park in Frontier town in West Ocean City. It closed within the year, but it was worth a shot.

An Ocean City Landmark Faces Turn In Economic Tide
Page 1 | Page 2 - From the May 28, 2007 issue of the Washington Post, this article explains the Trimper's difficulty in keeping the park running with inflated operating costs and taxes.

Priced out of the Market - A fantastic article written by Doug Trimper regarding how the family is getting priced out of the amusement market.

Sales Tax Expansion Plan - This is an interesting article quoting Granville Trimper about Marty's Playland and the possible taxing of arcades in the amusement industry.

(PDF) Granville Trimper's Obituary - The official write-up from DelmarvaNOW covering Granville's extensive career.

(PDF) Granville D. Trimper - A nice article from The Sun that highlights Granville's life and accomplishments.

(PDF) Granville Passes - the article that broke when Granville passed away.

(PDF) A humble man - A very well-written article covering the funeral of Granville Trimper where Doug Trimper comments that the Haunted House was one of Granville’s greatest accomplishments.

Ferris Wheel in Storm of 1962 - During the storm of 1962, Granville Trimper’s Ferris Wheel, the same one the still operates in the park today, toppled over onto the Octopus ride. The Inlet Lodge is the building in the background. This photo came from the Washington Post during coverage of the major storm that hit OC, MD.

Storm of 1962 coverage - A great shot of the boardwalk amusement strip prior to the install of Trimper's Haunted House during the storm of 1962.

Playland Sign Repair during Storm of 1962 - During the storm of 1962, many of the signs from the boardwalk businesses were destroyed in OC, MD. This photo shows a brand new Playland sign being installed on the side of the building in 1962.

Chris Trimper joins amusement ride safety board - Please join me in congratulating one of my good friends, Chris Trimper, as he was recently nominated to fill a seat in the state’s Amusement Ride Safey Board, which was co-founded by Granville Trimper in 1976. The group, comprised of eight members, includes representatives from amusement parks, carnivals, and fairgrounds and has statewide oversight of safety, maintenance and inspection of rides and attractions. **applause**


Trimper's Rides and Concessions
July 2, 1971 Issue of the Beachcomber

Trimper's Amusement Park
July 4, 1975 Issue of the Beachcomber
Oddly, it promotes the Haunted House as being "new" when in reality it has been in existence for 11 years at this point


Trimper's Inlet Lodge, Bar, and Coffee Shop.

Trimper's Rides and Amusements - Early 2000's

Trimper's Rides and Amusements - 1980's

Trimper's Playland Apartments - 1980's

Granville Trimper's Wheels of Yesterday Museum

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