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Trimperís Amusement Park is the most nostalgic and thrilling addition to Ocean City. The blacktop-pavement rides and unique ride selection only magnify this parkís true significance while both young and old visitors marvel over classics such as the Toboggan, Merry Mixer and Pirateís Cove.

Trimperís Carousel House has been operating for decades and houses the original 1902 Carousel which has been the parkís focal point ever since it was installed. You will be amazed as you gaze at the various animals situated on this spinning masterpiece. A summer vacation without a ride on this Trimper treasure would be a summer incomplete!

Wheels of Yesterday Museum, an antique automobile venue owned by Granville Trimper, has been a thrilling addition to West Ocean City since its grand opening in 1997. No matter what classic cars you are interested in, you are bound to stumble upon them in this treasure-trove of automotive history.

Trimperís Inlet Village, a seaside shopping center originally built in the early 80ís, has overlooked Ocean Cityís famous inlet for nearly three decades. Its unique shops of distinction and specialty eateries make this a thrilling summertime stop for any family.

Trimper Warehouses are common in a company as large as this one. Enjoy searching through photos taken at both the Trimper Amusements and Trimper Rides warehouses. Keep an eye out for the old Hush-Puppy cars from Ghost Ship!

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