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The People That Make It All Possible

Trimper's Rides and Amusements

Working In The Haunted House

Summer of 2002

Working On The Sling Shot

Summer of 2002

While working at Trimper's Amusements during the summer of 2002, I also had the opportunity to operate some of the other classic rides, including the Tilt-a-Whirl, Avalanche, Inverter, Zipper and Slingshot. Below, please find pictures of my Slingshot days.

Walk Through Tour

Fall of 2007

After hanging out at the Car Show on the weekend of 10/5/07, I caught up with Scotty and hung out for a bit before the ride opened.

Great Help Is Hard To Come By

Photos taken in 2000

Over the years, many workers have come and gone from the Haunted House. The majority of the employees in the park come from over seas where the Trimper's recruit workers on a year-to-year basis. Summer in America offers fun and excitement for these folks, and they obviously enjoy working for Trimpers just the same.

But, the workers are placed in the Haunted House for one purpose; to keep and eye on the ride. If you look carefully, you will be able to find workers roaming the dark floors looking for issues such as a broken down car, vandals, etc. It is great to be able to meet individuals that have so many great stories from over seas.

Doug Trimper was the first person in Ocean City to go over seas to recruit these workers. Since he started this trend over a decade ago, many companies have followed closely behind. Many business owners feel it is a good way to acquire good help while maintaining a sturdy business budget platform, as it is cheaper for a business to pay for foreign help as opposed to help from locals.

My Haunted House

1996 - 2002

Below, please find pictures of the Haunted House I built when I was younger on our property. I modeled it off of Trimper's. Mind you, I was young, and had little money, but I loved working on my own HH as a hobby, and it taught me a lot about electronics and construction. I also had amusement games that the neighbors and my friends would come and play. I used Dayton gear motors from Grainger to make my stunts move, and I used plaster to mold the figures. The Haunted House was on our property from 96 until 2002. I had to tear it down because it became unsafe and I became involved in other things. It was a great experience! (I would like to thank my Grandfather and parents for supporting my hobby, and helping me build the empire which I called "Zoomer Amusements")

Above: A model I built in the mid to late 90's of the Haunted House. To this day, it sits in the Haunted House shop beside the sound repeaters.

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